Janae Christopher
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Live in Rhythm with Nature

Slow, Simple, & Seasonal Living with Ayurveda


Welcome, friend. This online container is home to the work and words of Janae Christopher, Ayurveda Lifestyle Educator & Mentor. A collection of heart & earth centered articles, events, and offerings to empower you on your path to building an authentic life. If you seek a slower pace to life, a holistic approach to well-being, and a space to grow into your higher Self you are in the right place.


 Living Veda School

The Living Veda School is home to online courses and programs designed to guide you toward a life in harmony with your unique elemental Self and Mother Nature. Founded in the wisdom of Ayurveda they invite you to slow down, tune in, and awaken your inner healer.


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Living in Simple, Slow, Earth Guided Rhythm