Heart centered branding and business support for the new paradigm movers & shakers. These are the healers, teachers, creators, & innovators  showing up for a better future.



Branding with Heart


My passion is to assist those who are making their own way in the world. I use a societal marketing method that encourages prosperity not only for you and your business but those that you serve. 

Inspired by Astrology


There is so much spirituality to be realized in the marketing & branding world. I offer unique services  that deepen your understanding of the cosmos and allows natural law to work with you, not against.

Weaving with Intention


Weaving community through intentional containers is integral to new paradigm business. There is a network being created of gifted business women to help you with what I cannot.



'Working with Janae has been a true blessing.I am forever grateful for Janae and her wealth of knowledge and beautiful plans she offers to support us all to be our perfect balanced selves.' – M.G.