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Simple Ayurveda for Living Well

Welcome friend. This online container is home to the work and words of Janae Christopher, Ayurveda Lifestyle Educator & Coach. A collection of heart and earth centered articles, events, and offerings to empower you on your path to building your most authentic life. If you seek a slower pace to life, a holistic approach to wellbeing, and a space to grow into your higher Self you are in the right place.

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Janae Christopher, Ayurveda Lifestyle Educator

‘Janae is deeply rooted in tradition that dates back thousands of years while being fully present to the modern needs of today.’ — R.M.

I believe that one day all humans will move back to a harmonious earth centric way of living.

A way of living that is sustainable for the animal, plant, & mineral kingdoms. One that is preventative and holistic in nature. Where healing happens in the household and modern medicine becomes the complementary therapy, not the other way around.

This shift is already happening, can you feel it? This is why I am so passionate about sharing Ayurveda. It has been here long before us, and will exist beyond our lifetime- it is the infinite wisdom of life & earth itself.

Ayurveda radically changed my life from chronic illness & total burn out and I know it can support you too- wherever you are on your journey.



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Living in Simple, Slow, Earth Guided Rhythm