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You know who you are. The Yoga Teacher, Herbalist, Spiritual Guide, Lightworker, Tarot Reader, Artist, Entrepreneurial Soul. The ones who create a more beautiful & harmonious world but aren’t exactly mainstream. The good news is the times are changing and we are needed now more than ever, and? Society is looking toward us and our knowledge and skill more than ever too. Are you ready to step up, be seen, and do the good work?

Where are you on your business journey? Do you have a business map or are you tossing your gifts out in the world and just hoping people will work with you? Are you undervaluing your work by the way you show up in the world?

Having a well packaged business isn’t just about looking good.

Though it is a nice perk.

Creating a cohesive branding plan, a clear mission, and concise message helps build trust, reliability, authenticity, and credibility in our culture. Taking the time to create a business map and work flow that supports you building a sustainable business will give you more confidence in the good work you are doing.

If you are excited, passionate, and ready to share your message, skills, and gifts with the world but aren’t sure where to begin, start here.

With a blend of branding design, marketing know-how, and astrology we can create a business that reflects the gold in your heart, work flow and structures that are aligned with your strengths, and refine your message to be relatable and understandable so you can reach more people.


What is Branding?

So, what is branding and why do you need it? You have a product, whether its a service or actual material, and that product is an extension of you. Branding connects your product to you- through visuals, through tone, and through feeling. Brand should align with you, as the creator and expressive force behind it, but it should also align with your target market. Aspects of your business that fall under the branding umbrella would be:

  • Your messaging: tone, style, and content

  • Design: Website, Imagery, Color, Typography

  • Pricing: your prices attract your target market

  • Collaboration: Who you partner with and who you support

What is Marketing?

Look at marketing as a way to educate your potential clients/students/customers on what exactly it is you provide them. Good marketing helps you stand out from others in your field and should show the value of why your product or service is valuable. Marketing, like branding, takes on a lot of forms in your business map but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming- when you are thinking about your business marketing plan it should include:

  • Product: Your product should be easy to understand

  • Price: Pricing should be set to attract ideal clients

  • Promotion: Knowing how to attract consumers

  • Place: Showing up and being seen in the right places to attract your ideal market

You might be feeling some resistance- thinking it all feels too rigid, but trust me when I say that all of this can feel & be natural, authentic, and build trust with your potential clients/students/customers in ways you never thought.

Why Astrology?

Astrology was just one of those things I easily understood about this cosmos. After years of training and consulting clients in the healing modality of Ayurveda, that focuses on the seasons and cosmic rhythms both within and around us, my hunger to understand Astrology more deeply grew. Understanding my chart led me to have more compassion for myself and understand why I do the things I do (what?! I’m not broken?!). Learning to live by the lunar phases has helped me work with the cosmic energy instead of against it and has helped improve my life balance greatly. The universe has built in times of rest & work that is so nourishing to the human condition. So this is why I offer the option to explore astrology alongside the branding, marketing, and business-y things. It just makes sense to me and I know it will help you too.

During my session with Janae she tied together things I had been struggling with for years regarding the back end of my business and how to have a strong foundation, so I could be creative and flow within structure. Now I feel I can truly understand the flow of how my business should be according to my constitution. This clarity has given me the power to finally show up as a business owner with confidence and freedom to be who I truly want and need to be in my community. Within 2 months of doing this work I booked approximately 20 new clients for my upcoming photography season!
— Misty G.



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