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Simple Ayurveda for Living Well

We all hold a desire to live a life that feels more ease-full than stressful , one that balances doing with being, and allows the spaciousness where true wellbeing of mind, body, and soul can flourish. Ayurveda provides the teachings that guide us to manifest such a life. One of health, vitality, meaning, and fulfillment.


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Janae Christopher is an Ayurveda Lifestyle Educator and Coach. She has studied under some of the countries most masterful teachers and institutes in Ayurveda, Yoga, Tantric Philosophy, Meditation, Reiki and Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

Janae skillfully blends time tested teachings with a modern accessible approach that guides individuals toward grounded confidence in their ability to heal, nurture, and sustain their health. She deeply believes that we are intrinsically part of nature and nature of us; and once this is embraced by an individual profound transformation is inevitable. Janae holds space for clients in Dayton, Ohio and around the globe.


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