Hello & Welcome

I am Janae Christopher- a creative spirit, writer, and spiritual aspirant. For those who have known me for awhile have witnessed my journey into soul-preneurship, as a yoga teacher and ayurveda & wellness mentor, but at the end of twenty-eighteen I had come to a crossroad. Several chapters of my world were coming to a close and I wasn’t sure what was going to come next (I’m still not sure).

When life offers you a void such as one of these, the liminal space between ending and beginning, it is wise to pause and reflect. I took that time over the sacred season of the winter solstice and though the path was not clearly lit I did gain clarity on some much needed re-alignment.

I had been living in a state of reaction

I had missed critical lessons & signs or had not fully integrated them

I was living from a place defined of outdated pacts and soul contracts

I was burnt out from my desire to be of service, forgetting to be of service to myself

We all have these moments of clarity in life, when we are given the larger view of our current conditions. Can you recall some of your own? Perhaps you heeded the wisdom. Sometimes we are stubborn and aren’t ready to change.

Thankfully, I saw, I listened, and I am course correcting. I am committing to a life of more presence; with that commitment comes discipline, holy Selfishness, a slower pace, simplicity, and intentional action. In the coming year I am logging off social media which feels scary and liberating all once. I am dedicating more time to writing, my souls choice of alchemy. And I am doing it for me, my own integration, my own discipline of observing and reflecting- if it helps another, then I know I am in alignment.

As I write this it sounds a bit lofty- but I have been training for this new depth for many months now. I’m ready.

If this journey of mine resonates with you then know that we are kindred spirits- each walking a similar path of coming home to ourselves. I hope over the coming months we can connect, express, heal, laugh, maybe cry over what comes forth from this space. Because this space will truly be a heart centered, simple, and truthful container to hold the highs, lows, and in-betweens of being joyfully present in a world that doesn’t quite understand … yet.

So I welcome you friend, with all my heart, as we walk this path together.


Janae Christopher is a writer, creative, and spiritual aspirant living in Dayton, Ohio with her artist husband and their pug Stella. Her background is diverse with experience in the fashion industry, health & fitness, holistic wellness, yoga, life coaching, and esoteric arts including oracle divination, astrology, and tantra philosophy.