The Process of turning Skill to Self-Mastery

I had a bit of an ah-ha moment this week as I was contemplating on this calling I have to recommit to discipline and find freedom. When it comes to these opportunities of deeper reflection on our paths I have learned that the way is often revealed in layers of more understanding and integration.

Layer one was the acknowledging I had a niggle that wouldn’t go away that was asking me to show up more fully in my life experience.

Layer two was the recognizing that I needed to implement more discipline to find the freedom in life that I was seeking. At this stage I saw it as more freedom in my life as a whole but then today …

Layer three unfolded as I sat in my morning contemplation- the deep desire to move from a place of skill to a space of Mastery.


Mastery is an inherent desire for all humans- it is part of the polishing process of the diamond soul, yet so many never move past the level of skill acquisition which is only the first step. I have been stuck in this loop before and I have witnessed many others who have become consumed with accumulating certificates, specialized skills, and even college degrees. But then the process stalls out here, there is no strong connection to any of the skills already acquired and the desire/belief is that if you learn just that much more you will feel competent enough. Have you been here before? I sure have. And in many ways it is how I have come to this cross roads in my life of stepping back to regroup before moving forward again.

To begin the path to Self Mastery I believe there are a few things you have to accept in order to start at the best possible frequency:

  1. You must be ready for disciplined and committed practice.

  2. You must be ok with the knowing that you may never reach self mastery in this life time but believe the pursuit is worth it anyway.

  3. Understand that Self Mastery is multi-faceted and requires growth in a multitude of ways and often simultaneously.

(These are just the ones that are known to me right now- as I continue this path I imagine more will be revealed.)

With the applied discipline and commitment there is a sense of identification that happens with any skill. You get to know the layers of that skill, how to apply it in many ways, how to support it with other skills and vice versa. To me, this is similar to being an apprentice- you are learning all there is to know about that skill and its applications.

Eventually you meld with that skill and it becomes a talent. It’s a misconception to believe someone is born with a talent- they may be born with a predisposition to that talent but even artisans, musicians, architects have to learn and meld with the skills before their talent is recognized. Skill is the key that unlocks the latent genius that is already within you. When those skills unlock that genius it becomes talent, something that is second nature to you, so there is a good chance you have already transformed many skills in life into a talent.

It is once we have developed talents- in alignment with our highest calling- that we move into the even deeper levels of Mastery. I feel like there are aspects of myself that are full of valuable skills waiting to be transmuted into talents, and I have talents that are waiting to be applied in a dynamic way that allows me to begin the mastery practices.

So when does someone know when they have mastered something? It will take years- this is a given. But I believe that Mastery begins to unfold as you transcend the need to identified with any one thing. For an example of what it may look like from my own perspective is that …

… in beginning my path to understanding and knowing Ayurveda intellectually I learned lots of skills and knowledge, an apprentice to the craft.


As I began to apply those skills and knowledge to myself and to others I could identify with being a healer. The skills in action and the integration of the subtleties of the wisdom lead me to feel like I am Ayurveda. This is the level of expert in our cultural norm. This is where I am currently dancing after years of study and application.

I can then imagine that down the long road of understanding Ayurveda even more deeply I will transcend the practice as I know it- I will be able to navigate it without additional tools (there are Ayurvedic doctors who can understand an imbalance just by looking at the person!), I will have strokes of my own genius realization about it, and I will no longer feel the need to identify as a healer or any other title. I will just be. As one with the discipline. Mastery is full embodiment of the wisdom you commit to integrating and awakening from within you and then putting it into service.

Now, I have a ways to go with Mastery and I recognize that my own hang ups around this commitment has always been shadowed with doubt in my ability, worry that I don’t have what it will take, not having enough time, or questioning whether I truly know where I am heading.

But then this morning I came to the realization that as I sit at this cross road and regroup I have the chance to follow the spontaneous breadcrumbs that Spirit leaves me to find what the right focus is for me moving forward. I can say yes to opportunities that spark something within me, talk about what interests me, and watch what theme unfolds to help reveal the right path of discipline and devotion to my own Self Mastery. It feels a lot like experimentation and playing in new ways with what I already possess within my awareness.

All while doing it with an enthusiasm for being in active pursuit of my Self Mastery and purpose, what a gift! There is truly no excuse for not setting out on this path and realizing your own genius!

And this path is truly all about experience. Our souls inhabit the human form for the sheer excitement of experiencing life in the 3D. Mastering your mission in this lifetime will surely bring a sense of fulfillment like never before as you live your purpose authentically, for that is a large part of mastery. Chasing skills and approval from others will only leave us in the state of daydreaming of the someday when we will feel settled and grounded into our talents. We all have the potential to start that process right now and just as we are! Are you ready? I sure am!

I am looking forward to continuing the contemplation and embodying the potency of this realization while reviewing my current skills and talents and appreciating them for what they offer me right now, just as they are. Exploring them and how I might begin deepening them with enthusiastic discipline has the excitement building already!

Time to roll up the sleeves and get to the good work!