One Week of Logging Off

One week ago I officially logged off my social media apps and deleted them from my phone and there hasn’t been a single moment of regret. I don’t know what I was really expecting, if anything, but for the most part it has been uneventful- I have taken one to two weeks off of it in the past so it hasn’t felt like new territory. In the back of my mind I am aware that it is long term, but nothing seems out of the ordinary just yet. And hey, maybe it never will!


I have noticed that there are some habits that will need time to rewire. The wanting to scroll while waiting in line. In moments of boredom I will still grab my phone and unlock it, starring at the home screen for a moment because there is literally nothing to do on it anymore, ha! I probably check my email a few more times a day and I had downloaded a word search game to exercise the brain and give me something to do in a pinch but honestly, my activity tracker said phone usage was down 134% this past week so obviously something is going vert right!

There have been a few fleeting moments where I think of something witty, or experience a beautiful moment that I wish I could instantly share with someone. But, as I said, that feeling has been fleeting. It kind of feels like I am storing up these moments into a special bank where these beautiful and simple experiences can bubble up just for me, instead of letting them go flying away through the ether.

I have also received a lot of amazing messages, emails, and connections over the fact that I said ‘see ya!’ to social in the new year. SO many people resonated with this desire to log out and/or cut back. I have more coffee dates on my calendar these days. I was joking with a dear friend that this was a ploy all along to get people to hang out with me more … just kidding! but that is truly how its panning out and I think that is pretty incredible! I am looking forward to much more face time with people I care about.

One of the most potent side effects for me to this process was the cutting back on open gates to which people could engage with me. I am by nature more of an introvert and having so many channels for messages and comments felt daunting and draining on more days than I care to admit. My truth is that I do not want to be accessible 24/7 or feel obligated to respond to messages (which, my natural response is to feel obligated, a work-in-progress on that too). Now that there are only a few channels of communication and having my phone lock me out of email after 7:00pm and before 8:00am I have the alone time and space that I need from the outside world.

So there you have it. After just one week, a mere blip on the universal timeline, I am feeling pretty good and solid in my decision that this was a necessary medicine for my soul. There are deeper enmeshments and entanglements that are starting to unfurl, I have had glimpses of the deeper deprogramming layer that is still to come but I am trusting the instinct to continue. It is kind of interesting that in all my seemingly cutting back and going inward I am feeling my most adventurous and courageous. I guess it is true when the gurus and sages say your own depths are the greatest endeavor.

How are you doing with 2019 intentions? This New Moon is p a l p a b l e, what has been bubbling up for you around shoring up and creating a foundation of truth for yourself?