Self Mastery through Commitment

Hello and Super Full Moon in Virgo blessings my friends! What a time to be alive, I mean truly.

Every moon phase, each turn of the zodiac wheel, and every season accelerates us and moves us closer to knowing ourselves better … that is, if we do the the work and allow the lessons to be given. This moon I have rolled up my sleeves and am diving in because I am a huge fan of Virgo and Virgo tendencies- I exude a lot of them even though I have very little earth prominent in my own chart. And since picking up the travel companion of Self Mastery on my life path this year the power of a Virgo moon is much appreciated as it is excellent at Mastery.

I have been deep into my study of Richard Rudd’s ‘The Gene Keys’ (an amazing, consciousness awakening, and frequency raising guidebook) and in my own gene code the key of Commitment is prominent. In his work Rudd shares that the shadow side of Commitment is Half-Heartedness. Showing up only half-hearted is not in service of anyone, and is in truth, dishonest (even if just to the one who is being half-hearted). This immediately jump started me in self reflection around how I perhaps don’t show up fully or fall into the shadow behavior of half-heartedness (which is over-committing or committing and flaking).

My tendency is definitely to over-commit and then fall into a head space of resentment, frustration, or burn out which detracts from every commitment I make from that space. I will have a schedule filled to the brim of things that if I wasn’t over committed I would really love and could show up as my best self. I also witness that I tend to over commit from a place of good intention: that I truly want to help someone, explore a relationship, or be a part of an experience. But I often jump to saying ‘YES!’ before taking a beat to review everything else that is on my plate. So then I show up with just half my heart because I am feeling the balance of my schedule and needs is tilted in a precarious fashion and it not only takes away from my experience but to everyone else around me.

And this can be said for those commitments we make and stay with past its expiry date. I, too, have been known to do this, most notably staying in job years past when I should have bowed out and ended up chronically ill. Since then I have repeated that pattern in smaller ways but that doesn’t mean they haven’t each hurt me in some way or slowed my progression. I am ready to rewrite that old story!

Photo: Rawpixel

Photo: Rawpixel

In tandem with reading this Gene Key on commitment I was also really moved by Lauren Martin’s article on Words Of Women this week talking about how we make bad decisions that discount us. Lauren writes:

There is a psychological condition that determines why people, like myself, sabotage themselves. Why some people can’t resist temptation and hold out for something better. Why some people make the hard, right decisions while the rest of us constantly give into our impulses.

It can be attributed to a psychological concept known as discount rate – the way you perceive the future. If you discount the future as ‘unimportant’ then you have a high discount rate. If you take your future seriously, you have a low discount rate.

This was such a poignant article around self mastery but also on how so few of us commit to see a cycle through to the end, missing the reward, or we stick around way too long and resentment sours any of the benefit that was there to begin with. Commitment, like everything else, has two sides and then the middle way. Side one being that you don’t see commitments through or show up to them half hearted. The other side is that you make commitments and flake on them or stay too long. Neither way leads to getting the most out of what you give yourself and time to.

Then, there is the middle way- that sabotages no one, discounts nothing, and reaps the greatest rewards. The creation of a healthy commitment:

  • The commitment lights you up on a soul level.

  • You enter that commitment with the agreement that it has a life cycle and you will honor that cycle, whether it is short, long, or in-between.

  • You hold no expectation of what the commitment may give you, but surrender in trust that the exchange is exactly what you need at this time.

  • When you make the commitment, you make it fully and enthusiastically.

Many of the motivational speakers out there remind us that the intent behind what we do is actually more important than the act of doing it. Having enthusiasm, being invested, and heart focused will open doors of profound growth in any situation.

So think about relationships, partnerships, your work or volunteer commitments- how are you showing up?

How are you showing up for you?

How are you showing up in life?

I know that when my soul is beamed back up after I leave this life I do not want to look back and see a life colored by half heartedness and self discounting.

No, I want to show up in this life with enthusiasm, invested commitment, and all my heart. As with anything the more we dabble in a frequency the more our life becomes colored by it, and I am not here to be a dollar store. I am here to invest and be invested in. To create rich experiences that only a committed heart can manifest and experience. How about you?

So if you perhaps did not have a central theme arising at this moon, or maybe this resonates with what your heart has been mulling through, I invite you to look at the areas in which you are half-hearted and where you offer your full-hearted commitment. To be brutally honest about the areas of your life that perhaps need trimmed down or re-assesed whether that is external commitments or relationships. Virgo is excellent at efficiency, so lean on the energy of the cosmos to bolster your intentions.

Let us stop discounting our futures together and watch the magnetic and magical shifts unfold!