Are You Living Your Purpose with Integrity to You?

Want to know another little fun ‘side effect’ of being off the social media bandwagon?

You get so.much.clarity on what it is you are meant to be doing with your life. There just aren’t as many distractions.

This particular side effect will perhaps speak mostly to those who are soul-preneurs, but if you are also seeking your purpose-full path then read on- sometimes we all need a reminder of why integrity to ourselves is so incredibly important to living a life of purpose.

Truthfully. in December I was really at a loss of who and what I was meant to be doing with my life. I was grappling with some real old stories around purpose, meaning, and direction while searching outside of myself each day to find sparks of inspiration and hoping to see a glimmer of what my path was supposed to be through others. And it was wearing me down. Hard.

This was one of those classic implosive vortexes where you go against everything you know- I knew that looking outside myself wouldn’t help. I knew that watching other people was sparking more envy or confusion rather than the inspiration I claimed I was seeking. I knew that I was on my path, I was just being impatient. But I kept looking anyway. I asked others what they thought my purpose and mission might be. I kept pushing it and choking the magic until I finally had a momentary melt down turn breakthrough. That breakthrough was the realization that I needed to turn down the volume on the noise around me and that I needed to do what I had been afraid of most- asking myself and looking within for the answers.

I don’t know why we resist looking to ourselves first for the answers. An inherent self doubt? Down right stubborness? But honestly- how many times have we asked the world what do you want from me? instead of looking in the mirror and asking what do you want to give?

I believe we are each born with two purposes in life. One purpose is to help humanity evolve at large and increase the light frequency within the collective. This is our grander scale purpose and we share this purpose with each and every soul that comes earthside. The second purpose is our personal one. This is the mission we signed on for this lifetime and is specific to our souls journey. It is not only a personal purpose, but I also believe that these purposes are always based in service. It asks the question: How do we show up for ourselves to be able to help others?

And it is undeniable that this truth of our personal purpose is radically awakening within the human psyche as more souls are stepping up to the roles of healers, lightworkers, creatives, mentors, and teachers (in the myriad of forms these titles can take!) Each day more people are awakening to the truth that what they desire is to be of service in some shape or form to help others feel, be, and live better. It is an amazing thing!

But one of the slippery slopes of being in service is that we have some super outdated ideas about what being in service means. Whether that is giving it a lower value than it deserves, lacking in belief of our ability to help, that service always equals sacrifice (it often does but not in the way we are taught- that is a whole other blog post) or that to be of service you are to bend and change according to the consumer.


This is OLD PARADIGM my friends! And it doesn’t work at the higher frequencies for which we are integrating.

Every time we ask people what they want of us we step out of integrity to our personal purpose and how it is meant to manifest through us and by us.

Each time we devalue our work because we are afraid others won’t agree we step out of integrity to our personal purpose and how it is meant to sustain us.

With every sacrifice we make for others that puts us in victim mindset we step out of integrity to our personal purpose and actively take our personal power away from ourselves. Our purpose is meant to empower us. When we are empowered, we empower others- do you see how beautifully harmonic this spiral of purpose is? Mind boggling amazing.

When we act with integrity to our purpose we:

  • decide what and how our purpose manifests. This is a co-creation between you and the larger forces that be, but at the end of the day, no other human can direct you on what you are supposed to be doing or how to do it. This doesn’t mean you can’t ask for advice, or talk it out with someone, but asking people to tell you what they want from you is opening yourself to more derailment opportunities.

  • value our work fairly and honestly. When you are in alignment with the value of what you do the rest of the world will rise to meet it. I have experienced this myself and have watched many a dear friend experience gratifying shifts when they consciously made this alignment.

  • only make sacrifices (which are sacred offerings) that come from a place of selfless service and not martyr mindset. These don’t leave you depleted, rather these sacrifices teach you deep lessons of compassion, humanity, and karmic return. You get just as much out of these sacrifices as the person(s) on the receiving end do.

  • believe fiercely in our visions for ourselves and what we desire to create in this world. If there isn’t a clear vision? We wait graciously until there is clarity. It is from this place we can act authentically, but not before. To act without clarity or vision (even if its just a slice) is not being honest with yourself or the work you do.

And back in December? I was not in alignment. I was definitely not acting with integrity to my purpose and I was watching and feeling it crack me open until I had to look at myself honestly and admit I was lost.

We all take detours in life, this is true. But when it comes to staying the course of our greatest mission I have come to learn that we often opt in to more detours than we have to. And this is where I realized my social media fasting was helping me in noticeable ways. In my experience, I used social media as a place to compare, to get inspired, and be exposed to new and exciting things, and run a business. With my innate enthusiasm for learning and trying new things this led me down several roads that bypassed my missions true route. And though I picked up tools on the way, learned both easy and hard lessons, I wavered in upholding my purpose. I got confused on what I was meant to be doing and how I should be doing it.

As the last few weeks progressed I noticed that a lot of the confusion was starting to just fall away. I wasn’t being tempted by the world at large anymore and my focus could only be drawn inward and toward the skills, knowledge, and tools I already had. And wow, I have a lot! But I never gave myself credit for it- which is crazy!

For reasons not fully yet understood I allowed myself to be romanced by illusions that distracted me from the mission. Perhaps learning to see the illusions was the lesson needed. But no matter, I have narrowed the window for which these illusions could tempt me. And the clarity grows a bit more each day. I can better witness and recognize the things I subscribed to that were not my truths and let them go.

This is what is guiding me back into integrity with my purpose. The divine plan I created with love and intention before this human form existed. The mission that gives living its meaning. And this deeper understanding excites me, inspires me, and grounds me in ways I never could have imagined before.

I truly cannot wait to see where I am heading, but even with just the few stepping stones that I can see ahead of me, I know it will be just as it was always meant to be.

How can you live in more integrity with your purpose? What areas do you see yourself waver? It is never too late to step back, take a breather, and get yourself back into alignment …