Intermittent Social Media Fasting

Some of you have been following my journey with what I now call ‘getting sober’ from social media as I logged off for the first 75 days of 2019 to clear my head, get reacquainted with the community immediately around me, and find my own voice again. I have now been back on Instagram and Facebook for a little over a month and my behaviors and mindset around social media continue to evolve as I practice awareness.

Image by Paul Hanaoka

Image by Paul Hanaoka

When I first logged back in I set some pretty strict guidelines for myself. These guidelines were created truly out of a desire and also a fear of wanting to show up differently and not slip back into old habits (like numbing, mindless scrolling, comparing and posting out of ‘obligation’). As time has progressed I have to give myself credit that I am not the same woman who logged out on January 1st and I have come a really long way in healing my relationship with these tech portals that connect us to the masses.

One of the best practices that I have adopted that may be of interest to you too, is the idea of intermittent fasting when it comes to your tech. Just like intermittent fasting with food we allow our emotional and mental digestive system the chance to breathe and take a break from taking in so much information. Initially, my guideline for this was logging out for 3 days a week Friday-Sunday. But like with any routine you try to adopt for your well-being it has to feel good and feel like it flows.

This 3 day fasting worked in the beginning but I found it eventually became too restrictive on my creative flow as time went on. When I am feeling relaxed and at ease on the weekends I get amazing creative downloads and am often ready to share them! I tried typing them out and saving them but as life continues I would often forget to share them or I wouldn’t be ‘feeling’ that message as much a few days later. As an intuitive I believe that we often download messages that need expressed with quick turn around because someone you may connect with needs that message, or the stars have aligned for that message, or for your own development you need to share and express. Spontenaeity is such an integral part of creativity!

So I knew that the rigidity of these three days off needed to be undone and something more flexible needed to be put in its place. I reassessed and came to the solution that worked more on a daily flow than a weekly one.

Most days this looks like logging off at 6-8pm and not logging back in until 7-8am the next day. Sometimes that is logging off around 9am and not logging back in until 6-7pm in the evening. But the goal is always intended to allow long spaces of time where the phone is away and my immediate surroundings are given the opportunity to captivate me. The Pomodoro technique is still one of my favorites for setting limits on time and leaving the phone at home when we go for walks or run errands keeps me present and from being distracted while spending time with Mr. Christopher. He appreciates it!

However you set up a fasting schedule for yourself I think is a deeply personal choice. It depends on your days structure, if you have kiddos or a partner to spend time with, if you have a time of day when inspiration likes to strike or you like to unwind by checking on the world. Just remember that this healthier boundary of blocking out time apart from your phone gives you that daily breathing space to digest what is right in front of you instead of everything in the periphery and beyond! I have found I experience less anxiety around social media, am able to to discern through accounts that are of service to me and which aren’t, and am less tempted or easily numbed into the hypnosis of the scroll. And I give credit to this ongoing practice of stepping away- too much of anything can make us feel murky!

And if you struggle in the beginning- that is OK too! No need to cast sharp judgement on yourself. Just keep moving forward on your goals for finding harmony with your logged in time.

I do hope that my reflections of finding a balance in this modern world are of service to you, and if you have had success with finding balance in your own way, please share in the comments below! Your wisdom is welcome and appreciated.