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To Be Captivated

One of my greatest desires is to be captivated by life

‘Through this awareness that has been crystallizing I realize now that I want nothing more than to be captivated. I desire to be in deep knowing with others, to witness subtleties of an experience, to understand more comprehensively. Our minds are not enemies, they are incredible instruments with limitless potential if we channel their energy effectively. Imagine a world where engagement is authentic, focused, and meaningful for all? The spontaneous and natural eruption of more compassion, understanding, and connection would radically change the way in which we exist!’

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The Freedom of Discipline

Finding freedom in self and life through committed discipline

‘January has been shaping up to be a month about discipline and how I either apply it or the ways that I don’t in my day to day. My word for 2019 is ‘Presence’ and I have shared before that I believe so much of relearning to be present is a committed discipline. Since making this commitment to myself I am seeing how many other areas of my life have the opportunity to practice discipline as the means to freedom.’

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