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Self Mastery through Commitment

My intention at this Moon is Commitment to a full-hearted life

‘Every moon phase, each turn of the zodiac wheel, and every season accelerates us and moves us closer to knowing ourselves better … if we do the the work and allow the lessons to be given. I am a huge fan of Virgo and Virgo tendencies- I exude a lot of them even though I have very little earth prominent in my own chart. And since picking up the travel companion of Self Mastery on my path this year the power of a Virgo moon is much appreciated as they are excellent at Mastery.’

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Rooting out our Comparative Tendencies

Observing comparison in my own life is helping me live beyond its shadow

‘Comparison. A word that all of us are familiar with in personal ways for certain. Comparison is one of the shadow aspects we learn at a really young age. There is of course the rather benign comparisons, like price or quality comparisons, which are good judgement skills to have. But then there are the more self sabotaging comparisons that lead us deeper into our own illusions and further from who we truly are. Modern culture feasts on these types of comparisons (who wore it better? who has more followers?) and we have all been subconsciously programmed to comparative thinking at one point or another.’

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Is Over-Identifying Stunting Our Growth?

Brain dumping thoughts about how identity may slow our growth on the path to Self Mastery

‘We are incredibly blessed to have access to incredible insight, studies, theories, and practices that help us to understand ourselves better, in fact, our culture is pretty obsessed with it, but I am wondering at what point is self study slowing down our growth or worse- keeping us stuck in stories that don’t serve us?’

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The Process of turning Skill to Self-Mastery

Get unstuck from the cycle of skill acquiring and step into the art of Self Mastery

‘Mastery is an inherent desire for all humans- it is part of the polishing process of the diamond soul, yet so many never move past the level of skill acquisition which is only the first step. I have been stuck in this loop before and I have witnessed many others who have become consumed with accumulating certificates, specialized skills, and even college degrees.’

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