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Two months of Logging Off

What I’ve learned from logging off, what I miss, and getting the courage to change when I want to

‘In a strange 21st century kind of way it has been one of the bravest and most challenging things I have ever done. Brave because for the last two years I have built a business using social media, made relationships there, and faced my fears around invisibility and connectivity by stepping away. Challenging because social media is pretty useful at times and most of the world around me is still using it. Despite all of this though there has been some real nuggets of beauty that have revealed themselves too. ‘

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Are You Living Your Purpose with Integrity to You?

I overlooked the importance of integrity to myself and how I am getting back on track.

Want to know another little fun ‘side effect’ of being off the social media bandwagon? You get so.much.clarity on what it is you are meant to be doing with your life. This particular side effect will probably speak mostly to those who are soul-preneurs, but if you are also seeking your purpose-full path then read on- sometimes we all need a reminder of why integrity to ourselves is so incredibly important to living a life of purpose.

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One Month of Logging Off

One month since logging off Social Media!

‘We don’t know what we don’t know and this is how I feel about the ways in which I edited myself to keep up with the hundreds of Jones’ I was following. As the weeks have continued my clarity of who I am has revealed itself more each day, the inessential and the untruths have just started to fall away. These things had no foundation on which to stand and when I took away the source of their creation the flow of comparative and what-if thinking just started to slowly shift.’

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One Week of Logging Off

Reflections on the first week of logging off social media

‘There have been a few fleeting moments where I think of something witty, or experience a beautiful moment that I wish I could instantly share with someone. But, as I said, that feeling has been fleeting. It kind of feels like I am storing up these moments into a special bank where these beautiful and simple experiences can bubble up just for me, instead of letting them go flying away through the ether.’

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Turning Fear into Joy around logging out of Social Media in 2019

‘I don’t remember exactly when it started to feel so prickly to be on social media. It was sometime in the early fall. My relationship with this modern marvel had been running hot and cold for awhile but I do remember that it felt almost sudden that every time I picked up my phone to scroll I could feel the vibration dropping throughout my body.’

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