Co-Creating with the Energy of Spring

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are slowly but surely ebbing toward the ripe season of Spring. Buds are starting to appear on the trees, the temps are averaging warmer, and there is a renewed energy in the atmosphere. Spring always elicits feelings of excitement and potentiality in my heart!

In Ayurveda’s wheel of the year this is the season of Kapha- the dosha created by water + earth. The earth is reawakening after her long slumber and cleansing and nourishment are cornerstones of the season. We can align with these energies and harmonize with nature to boost our own vitality and renewal.

When the seasons change, we experience a sympathetic internal shift. All life-forms open themselves up to receive cosmic redirection from nature during these crucial seasonal transitions., so we are likely to be more vulnerable and unsettled.
— Maya Tiwari

The Energy of Cleansing

Cleansing allows us the opportunity to shake off winters heavy qualities that we have accumulated in our body, mind, and environment over the last few months. Think about the ways in which you have adopted the qualities of winter: we typically find ourselves eating dense foods that keep us warm and satiated in winter, along with being more sedentary as we are staying inside more. The darker days and overcast skies that winter often brings can cause a shadow over the mind and we spend a lot of time incubating (intentionally or unintentionally) instead of being out, active, and getting inspired. Our homes may become stuffy from closed windows or the build up of tasks that need warmer days to tackle. Do you relate to any of these qualities or can think of some of your own?

Cleansing can be a threefold experience that prepares your body, mind, and home for the coming season- which joyfully helps support your spirit to soar in the coming robust summer.

Cleanse the Body: Practice an Ayurvedic Spring Cleanse with a mono-diet to boost your digestion and inner fire. Dry Brush your skin before bathing to promote circulation and removal of toxins from your tissues.

Cleanse the Mind: Spring is the perfect time to implement new habits because it is a transitional season. This transitional energy is called Rajas in sanskrit and is the quality of change. Transitional seasons are not unlike when you go to clean out your closet- everything must come out, a mess has to be made, before you can put everything back in a new and orderly way. We clean out to make room for new and are naturally and cosmically supported to do this (see Mother Maya’s quote above!) This is the perfect season to begin a meditation practice, even if just 2 minutes a day of focusing on the breath. This is also the ideal time to begin adjusting your daily routine to match the Ayurvedic Clock of rising by 6am and going to bed by 10pm to harmonize the body to the suns daily cycle. You will be amazed by the mental clarity and balanced energy levels you will have throughout the day from this small shift.

Cleanse the Environment: As the days grow warmer opening the windows, doing a good spring cleanse of your space and clearing out clutter to be donated will make your entire life feel refreshed and more energized. Energetically cleansing your home and work space with smudging, diffusing essential oils (think lemon, rosemary, or juniper berry), and blessing your spaces will invite a renewed energy imprint.

The Energy of Nourishment

Once you have cleaned out there is now space for you to nourish and support the body for the coming season. You have probably experienced before how life tends to quicken its pace as the flowers bloom and green returns. Being prepared for this new natural tempo will keep you grounded and balanced as the water + earth elements give rise to the fire element of summer.

Steady Habits: Hold yourself accountable to the good habits you set into motion during the spring. Consistently showing up for self-care, meditation, and movement each day will keep anxiety and stress at bay.

Eat Seasonally: Focus on eating seasonal foods that will help you gradually shake off the density of winters food fare. Pay attention to what is local in your area and know that energetically these foods will support you and your digestion optimally during this season of change.

Express Gratitude: I don’t know about you but as the weather gets better I could kiss the sun out of the pure joy of blue skies and less bundling up! Expressing gratitude will open the heart to bloom and unfold with the abundant blessings of renewal.

I invite you to take the time to pause and think about what practices would help you co-create with the energy of spring. How would you benefit from cleansing? What areas need the most attention? Then turn your sights towards nourishing yourself with your newly aligned habits and practices. Know that these too will change as we ebb closer to Summer, and enjoy them for how they support you right here in this moment of transition and rebirth.

Journal Prompt for Spring Energy

What do I desire to shed in my life in the coming weeks? What is no longer serving me after winter?

Who is it that I desire to become moving forward? What steps can I start taking right now to invoke that version of myself?

What do I need to stay inspired by this vision?