Three Favorites No. 1

It is a vast & wild world of options and choices out there when it comes to products to love. Finding products and the companies behind them that make me feel good, support the creation of my dream life, and do the job I need them to do has required a lot of experimentation! Then add inspirational resources, books, and people and everything in between and it can be overwhelming. Here I hope to take some of the guess work out of searching for what you might find helpful on your journey to living well …

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Auromere Himalayan Rose Ayurvedic Soap

I tend toward dry skin that is prone to blemishes and irritation. The Himalayan Rose soap is Vata-Pitta formulated, a perfect blend for my skins needs. Peruse their variety of soaps for the skin type that resonates with you. Auromere sales supports the building and maintaining of Auroville, ‘The City of Dawn’, promoting peace and prosperity.

Bach Wild Rose Flower Remedy

I have used Bach Flower Remedies in my daily self care routine for over a year now. If you struggle with opening your heart, softening to vulnerability, or trusting in the unfolding of life the Wild Rose Remedy is tender, nurturing, and supportive to more fully embracing the Feminine energy in life.

Banyan Botanicals Ghee

I really like to have homemade ghee (clarified butter) on hand but occasionally I run out before I am able to make more. Banyan Botanicals makes a great certified organic ghee and is a company that pays attention to where they source their ingredients. Ghee can be used in cooking, for soothing dry skin, and making herbal supplements more digestible.