Sun, Moon, & Spring

Photo by: Elizabeth Tsung

Photo by: Elizabeth Tsung

Today we we stand on the most radical of thresholds- rebirth, reignited, in alignment with nature and our highest good.

Today as the Sun moves from the 12th and final sign of the zodiac Pisces and into the first sign of Aries the Moon is also having a spectacular showcase as a Full Super Moon in harmonizing Libra- and all on the Spring Equinox too! This create a powerful energetic doorway for us to set crystal clear intentions that are supported by the Universal energies and I wanted to break down, then weave together the potentiality of this natural event …

Sun In Aries

The sign of Aries is the first sign of the zodiac marked by the stubborn and passionate Ram and is the Astrological New Year that is flavored with motivation, assertiveness, confidence and pioneering spirit. If you haven’t felt exceptionally motivated, inspired, or invigorated since the New Year that is likely because your Being has been syncing with the energies of the cosmos at large.

Aries is known for its sense of Self (sometimes erring on the side of selfishness) and ‘Act then Think’ tendencies which can sometimes lead to impulsive choices and changes.

If you are an Aries, Aries Rising, or Aries Moon this season will influence you the greatest. If you have a lot of Aries in your chart or are a fellow Fire Sign (Leo or Sagittarius) then you will also feel the impacts of the Sun in Aries more potently. However, we can all tune in and use this energy for our evolution and growth.

Tap into Aries Energy:

  • Chant RAM while focusing on the Solar Plexus Chakra to strengthen your sense of Self

  • Work with Bloodstone, Citrine, or Tigers Eye

  • Practice saying ‘No’ with confidence

  • Do something impulsive- change up your daily self care routine (Aries loves health and well-being), treating yourself to something you have wanted and put off, random acts of kindness (this will balance Aries tendency towards selfishness), try something new like ecstatic dance or a creative class that expresses who you are.

Moon in Libra

This is the first of two Full Moons in Libra and this one happens to be a super moon as well. A super moon is when She is the closest to the Earth in Her orbit which amplifies her energetic effects on us. In the earth sign of Libra this is a lovely balance to the fiery aspects of Aries. Where Aries is centered on the Self, Libra is concerned most with Relations. The Moon is always representative of what is happening in the collective Emotional field while the Sun is influencing the collective outer personality and with the Moon in Libra it is asking us to find harmony and balance in our day-to-day that cultivates the same qualities in our minds with emotions.

Have you been feeling the call to find more harmony between aspects of your life? Are you sensing agitation in a relationship to a person, place, or thing that is reaching a boiling point? The potency of Aries sense of Self will help you make the change necessary to find more balance in this relationship!

How to Work with the Libra Moon:

  • Make a list of all the areas of your life you desire more balance. Then, list at least one step you can take to make the situation more harmonic.

  • Knowing that each sign has its own themes gives is the knowledge that each solar cycle we get to address a new aspect of our life. Going through the next 11 solar cycles you can set intentions for each one around how you want to find more balance within that sign/aspect. Check out the graphic below to know which signs rule which themes. (Ex. Cancer Season I want to focus on balancing enough downtime at home with being out and busy in the world)

  • Practice Alternate Nostril breathing to balance the right and left sides of the body.

  • Practice forgiveness and releasing. If you are harboring resentment or anger toward someone this is a powerful moon to cut cords and move forward.


Spring Equinox

Last but not least, we have the spring Equinox which flows beautifully with Libra energy of balance as day and night equal in length (the Autumn Equinox happens in Libra). The spring equinox is the ultimate Rebirth- the reawakening of Mother Earth as the seedlings start to sprout and the energy begins to rise. This is the ideal time to initiate change, to allow the ‘seeds’ you have planted over the last months to begin to sprout and bloom, and lean into the natural uptake in energy as we move toward warmer days.

If you have been wanting to re-write a habit this is a magical time to initiate it. Move more, wake up earlier, eat seasonally, even losing weight is more cosmically aligned here. Whatever habits you are wanting to integrate there is a pulse in the collective that is allowing us to shake things up in our life and feel more emotionally balanced about the change (which is a huge part of habit changing!) If you need support with habit changing for better vitality, health, and well-being don’t hesitate to reach out!

Embrace the Equinox by:

  • Write down the habits you wish to start building and at least one step to take towards implementing them. For best results, start really small! Want to implement more movement? Do 20 min a few times a week and schedule it. Ready to wake up earlier? Set your alarm back 5-10 minutes every 2 days until you are getting up the time you desire.

  • Plant a seed that represents you intention and nurture it throughout the season.

  • Take a walk outdoors. Make it juicier by expressing gratitude among the trees!

  • Find out what foods are growing locally in your area and commit to eating at least one local, in-season item with each meal.

I hope you can feel the auspiciousness in the air as we pass through this threshold of change, possibility, and potentiality. I hope you feel the inspiring fire in your belly, the steady balancing earth beneath your feet, and the opportunity to change for the benefit of your highest good!

Sending you all the blessings and love as we walk this path together …