5 Meal Time Blessings

Photo: Annie Spratt

Photo: Annie Spratt

In our modern cultures it is not uncommon to quickly move through meal times so that we can refuel and move on to the next task. Unfortunately for us this hurried pace is seriously impacting our digestion and in turn, our longevity and vitality.

One of the simplest ways we can reprogram our mindset around mealtime is to tune into with a blessing or a prayer. Whether you are rushing through the drive through with a car full of kiddos or quickly preparing a meal after a long day at work taking the extra minute to focus on thanking our food and the hands who made it increase prana (life-force energy), and ojas (the nectar of life & sustenance). What does this do for our health?

  1. You are what you eat and that includes your emotions while you eat. If you feel guilty for another night of fast food your food will be ‘flavored’ with guilt. If you or someone else is making your food who is experiencing lower frequency emotions like anger or sadness your food will adapt to that frequency and those emotions are much harder to digest. Offering a blessing raises the frequency back up and helps to soften any denser emotions that may be attached to your food.

  2. Saying a blessing slows you down. When you are eating on the go this aggravates the Vata dosha (air + ether). Vata is responsible for 80% of imbalances in the body and mind and when you start pushing Vata out of balance with your digestive system discomforts are bound to follow unless course corrected. Slowing down to bless the food will set a slower pace for ingesting the food.

  3. Connecting with Gratitude increase abundance of good health. Like attracts like. A grateful attitude begets more things to be grateful for. If you are working towards better food habits saying a blessing over your meal can help open the neural pathways that will allow a more ease-full transition to making more aligned choices when it comes to your food.

It doesn’t matter your faith, your background, or beliefs- from a simple statement of gratitude to the most elaborate expression of prayer it is the intention behind this act of devotion to a healthy mind, body, and spirit.

5 Meal time Blessings

Let us be together; let us eat together. Let us be vital together, let us be radiating truth and the light of life. Never will we denounce another, never entertaining negativity.
— The Upanishads
For this meal we are about to eat, for those who made it possible, and for those whom we are to share it, we are thankful.
— from the Humanist Benediction
We receive this food with gratitude to all beings who have helped to bring it to our table, and vow to respond in turn to those in need with wisdom and compassion.
— Buddhist Meal Gatha
We thank Great Spirit for the resources that made this food possible; we thank the Mother Earth for producing it, and we thank all those who labored to bring it to us. May the wholesomeness of the food before us, bring out the wholeness of the Spirit within us.
— Native American Prayer
O Lord, bless this food which we are about to eat. We thank you for being our provider. We trust that You will sustain us through times of abundance and scarcity and that we may show the same grace and offer our blessings towards others. Amen.
— Christian Prayer

Do you have a tradition of blessing your meals? I love to invite clients and students to share how they or their families have maintained a tradition around meal blessing & prayer. Feel welcome to leave your tradition in the comments below!