New Moon in Pisces

What. A. Wild. Ride.

This Pisces season, and New Moon phase especially, has been incredibly transformative. There are these times when cosmic portals open up and provide the cleansing and rejuvenative energy that we need and this has definitely been one of them for me.


Energetic cleansing can come in many shapes and forms. It can feel like exhaustion, aches + pains, deep waves of emotion. It can also feel like manic energy, creative flow, and ravenous hunger. In the last seven days I have had enormous bursts of creativity and energy and drive to work on bigger projects and as we have settled into the darkest part of this lunar cycle I now have swollen lymph nodes, a slight fever, and feel as though I am being scrubbed down to make space for all the new that is waiting to come in.

And I am not upset for one second. Because I am so damn excited for what is on the horizon.

For years now I have had astrologers, psychics, and intuitives share that I am on the cusp of my life’s work. That I am a late bloomer in life and had to work diligently on building a strong foundation for my future. This used to frustrate me and in my pursuit of figuring it all out (all my fire is in my career path!) and I bypassed some really important lessons integral to my personal growth. If you have been following my writing journey here for the last few months you have witnessed that this has been my sole focus- the circling back around to face these lessons and make peace with what I needed to learn and integrate.

Because of this commitment I feel more grounded then ever before. Even with much still unknown I feel steadfast and rooted in who I am and what I am about. I have had tough conversations with others, and have been brutally honest with myself around what no longer is working in my favor. I took record of all the ways in which I compromise, how I measured my worthiness against others, and second guessed every decision I made.

Perhaps most importantly, I became aware of the ways I shape shifted to be lovable to others. In that well trained skill of transforming for my ‘audience’ I was disconnected from what my true sense of style was, my own voice, and became the source of my excessive compromises. I had no conviction of who I was, so how could I stand my ground?

But it is through this challenging inner work that I am committed to fiercely loving myself. It is up to me to know myself and to value who I am so much that I stop second guessing, doubting, and sabotaging my desires for this life to be fully expressed. Only I can do this work and open my eyes to my wholeness. And I am all in!

So if scrubbing myself down energetically with an achy body is what it takes to solidify this intention, so be it! I’m in this, I am doing this life, and my Higher Self is loving being in a human vessel in this lifetime and she wants MORE…

… more JOY


… more SAYING NO



… more LIFE

To make room for all of that somethings have just got to go.

So thank you Piscean New Moon for your healing energy. Thank you universe for providing what I need right when I need it. Thank you Higher Self for believing in Janae’s ability to grow, expand, and progress even through the mud.

I am truly, deeply, wildly ready to bloom this Spring, are you?