Kitchari for Pitta

Pitta is the dosha, or quality, of fire that we experience in our body and mind. When balanced Pitta is our intellect, the radiance of our skin and personality, our ability to find humor in life, our motivation and drive, and ignites transformation. Pitta plays a large role in our digestion in relation to Agni, which is our digestive fire. When this flame is dampened or irregular we experience a myriad of symptoms that can eventually lead to more long term imbalances in our body.

In Ayurveda, when we talk about a ‘Pitta Kitchari’, or a kitchari for any of the doshas we are talking about pacifying that dosha with that specific kitchari recipe.


Kitchari is a specific blend of rice, dhal or mung bean, and spices with ghee that nourishes the digestive system and pacifies the dosha that may be out of balance. I have been experiencing a lot of excess heat my body as spring has progressed here in the northern hemisphere that was leading to mild break outs on my face, oilier skin, itchy scalp (where heat escapes the body) and irregular appetite that would go from content to starving quickly (a sign of increased fire in the stomach). Other signs you may have increased heat in the body is: loose or light colored stool, sweat that smells more pungent, hot flashes, rash of any kind, heartburn, indigestion, anger and frustration, adrenal fatigue, acne, burning eyes, skin, or urination, nausea, bleeding gums or tooth sensitivity, high levels of stress.

When a client or student is experiencing any of these signs of increased pitta I recommend at least a single day reboot with a mono-diet of kitchari. This is a short 24 hour cleanse that is designed to reduce the amount of heat in the body and help pacify any of the discomforts that may have started to develop. As soon as you start to notice that one of your elements is out of balance (fire, earth, or air) it will serve you well to immediately course correct before the imbalance becomes an illness. And a simple way to do this is a day with 3 meals of Kitchari, sipping on warm water or herbal tea like Mint, and sweet fruits if needed.

Print off the recipe for the Pitta Pacifying Kitchari recipe if you are getting those hot n’ bothered feelings (not the fun ones!) and see how a few meals of this soothing dish help bring your elemental self back into harmony. Have questions about mono-diet cleansing? Drop them in the comments and I will answer them or schedule an Ayurvedic Intake and Consult for a bespoke protocol for your unique mind/body type.