Reigniting Plateaued Energy

Photo by Allie Smith

Photo by Allie Smith

In my latest newsletter I shared how the end of March brought quite a bit of frustration up to the surface for me to examine and grow from. It felt as though every bit of friction I was experiencing was initiating an avalanche of frustration around feeling stuck, stagnant, and misunderstood.

It is incredibly easy to wallow in feelings of frustration. And it can be even easier to allow the stickiness of stagnation to keep you where you are. This uncomfortable place was exactly what I needed to get out of my comfort zone and push myself in the areas that I was settling into mediocrity.

Plateaus are common for humans- it is part of the expansion and contraction of the universe, the very pulse that we live, breathe, and grow by. Often we will go through an exhilhirating process of growth and expansion and there is a bit of a contraction that follows- and after the high vibes of change it can feel stagnant in comparison. Contraction is a necessary part of the process, we can not sustain perpetual radical growth without these pauses of moving inward, of re-orienting ourselves to the new vantage point we have grown into. What we have to examine though, is how long do you hang out in the contraction? Because eventually we will begin to slide backward in our spiral of growth.

This is exactly where I was feeling this week. I could feel the slow but steady descent backward into some old habits. I could feel the stickiness of hanging out in a contraction a bit too long when it came to playing small and staying comfortable. And it was working its way out in feelings of frustration, anger, and irritation. All emotions that make excellent sign posts for finding the source of your un-ease.

So what are some things that can be pro-actively done to reignite your energy and breathe life back into your sails towards new horizons? Here are a couple of things that work for me, and perhaps they will resonate with you as well …

  1. Make a list of all that is causing friction for you in the moment. It could be relationships, work, unfulfilled desires, habits. Once you have written them all down, next to each on write one small action step that would help you move out of frustration and back on track. By keeping it small you are likely to actually do it. As you complete steps write down the next small move you need to make and so on. Having a plan on how to cope and change the situation works wonders on easing the anxiety or feeling of victimhood that can accompany a contraction.

  2. Plug into meaningful inspiration. I don’t mean scrolling the ‘gram or pinterest for inspiring quotes. I mean plugging into a teacher, a course, a group of like-minded folks who will challenge you to grow. When it comes to the topics of abundance, presence, and spiritual purifying I know I do much deeper work when in a container with others or being guided by someone who inspires me. Find those people who will see your potential and draw you towards it.

  3. Move your body. Your body is a powerful instrument of alchemy. A doorway into the untapped potential. When you feel stagnation in the mind, moving the body begins to open the energetic channels and allow prana (breath, creation, pure energy) to begin flowing through you once again. Prana can’t flow through mud, but its waiting there for you should you begin to clear all that is blocking its way. How you move is up to you, but make it joyful and connect your breath to the movements to realign with the pulse of the universe. (Plus, the endorphins will naturally boost your mood and mental clarity!)

  4. Create a releasing ritual. If you love creating a little magic in your daily life then a ritual may be just what you need to speak directly to your Highest Self. You can combine this with the listing exercise or do it all on its own. Burning, burying, or simply energetically releasing what is weighing you down can create more room in your life for what you do want more of. Ritual can be done alone or amplify the potency by doing it with a witness- whether that is a friend or a small group of trusted sisters or brothers.

  5. Change your routine. Sometimes the smallest things can make the most radical difference. Whether it is creating a new morning ritual, driving to work a different way, visiting a new coffee shop, or even a new hairstyle can awaken the spark of creativity and curiosity that opens us to potential we never witnessed before.

In times of deep contraction and stagnation it is also wise to remember radical self forgiveness and compassion- remembering that it is in your nature to have moments such as these to prepare you for what is to come.

How have you worked through plateaued energy in your own life? Comment below and share your own energy moving magic!