New Moon in Aries

Photo by Thomas Jarrand

Photo by Thomas Jarrand

A Prayer for Aries

In the face of my own shadows, I pray for the courage to stand firmly on my own two feet

To bravely cut the cords that make me waver.

I pray for the clarity to release my enmeshments

To see myself as strong and capable, and that others may witness my strength too.

I pray for the nourishment of my energy

That I may see how deep my well runs and know in discernment when to share and when to renew.

May I be decisive with conviction

May I trust in my instincts and intuition

May I stop doubting my inner wisdom and hear its truth clearly

And may I take full ownership of all that is me, for better or worse

May I speak my truth- regardless if it is received as honey or vinegar

And be radically committed to my journey

my purpose

and my own becoming

And so it is.

This New Moon in Aries is first and foremost all about YOU. How you are showing up for yourself and others. How you are doing your good work and how you may be hiding from what needs to be seen. Aries is a sign that lavishes in selfishness but it can be the most sacred of initiations into standing more fully in who it is you are meant to be. Aries revels in authenticity, self expression, and shining the inner light.

With hands on heart, solar plexus, or womb ask yourself what it is that needs transmuted to live more authentically and embodied in the coming months.

Do you need to nurture your courage to speak truth?

Do you need to end or heal relationships or partnerships?

Are there old patterns that keep you swimming in circles and you have finally had enough?

Burn it to the ground and dance in the ashes of all that does not serve you. Joyfully release as you stare your pains in the eye and choose YOU. You can do it joyfully through tears, you can release through a scream, shake, burn. As the weight melts from the heat and falls around you, laugh into the void YOU created and from which YOU can now begin anew.

Aries new moon is a celebration of the resiliency of the self and our ceaseless ability to regenerate and be reborn into our higher consciousness. This is your invitation to call it all in and call it in because it is what you are here to do.

The Moon is inviting you to expand your beliefs around what you are capable of achieving, learning, and growing into. Playing small is no longer an option.

What will you do with this energy?