Sunday Sadhana

Image by Erol Ahmed

Image by Erol Ahmed

If there is anything I have learned about living in presence and simplicity is that it actually takes a lot of effort - at least in the beginning. When you make the choice to live against the collective grain of busy-ness it becomes essential to create touchstones of moments that keep you connected to your goals of doing less, simplicity, and ease-full living.

When my beloved and I started to move more consciously towards simplicity we intentionally looked for ways to communicate and support one another in building better habits and from that we create our Sunday Ritual.

In Ayurveda ritual is referred to as sadhana, a dedicated practice done with sacred intent. This dedication takes a discipline to show up continually and prioritize growth and commitment and we do this as a couple by making time each Sunday evening to come together and create a vision for the coming week.

In our weekly ritual we

  • pull an oracle card for what we each need in the coming week

  • share how our previous weeks card influenced or showed up for us during the week

  • set any intentions for the coming week

  • review what each of us has coming up and ask how we can support one another (really helpful if one or both of us is having a busier week!)

  • I read our pulses to see what our bodies need in terms of nourishment and self care and if any imbalances are brewing

It is a simple but incredibly effective practice that has elevated our communication and support as a couple. A Sunday Sadhana is a practice that you can do with your spouse/partner, your family, or even a friend that supports you in accountability. Think about what would make you feel more supported and grounded in beginning a new week and begin building your ritual from there. Be honest in how much time you can commit to it and put it on the schedule - with commitment it becomes a welcomed moment in your week to connect back to what you value most.

What weekly rituals do you use as a touchstone?