Full Moon in Scorpio

Image by Kyle Sudu

Image by Kyle Sudu

Moon Blessings dear friends- are you feeling the pull of the energetic tides?

This waxing moon phase had been one for digging deep within and finding that inner resource, facing some old trauma, and holding space for all the feelings that have been arising around our collective pains along with the personal.

This season has felt like the perfect example of when the idea of the waxing moon being a time of rapid change and progress and a Full Moon that brings manifestations into the tangible might not ring true. Sometimes the rapid change is an inner journey that goes deep within and the progress that is made is unsheathing layers of programing and wounding. The manifestations are less tangible and instead are the integration of aspects we have hidden in the shadow for far too long. These are things that often no one else can see but us, and that can make us feel like we aren’t progressing all that much (we are such visual creatures).

Just because it can’t be seen on the surface does not mean it is not meaningful, important, or valid work.

This is the necessary work.

The inner pilgrimage and reclamation is how we eventually show up in the world more authentic and in our wholeness.

My own inner dialogue has been busy with chatter around what I fear, how I hold myself back, the ways in which I box myself in to remain safe. Things that might seem silly like feeling shy about sharing a video instead of a picture, or being hesitant to ask a friend to finally connect me to a possible teaching gig she has been telling me about have been making me observe how I stop myself and then feel frustrated that I am not moving forward.

This feels like the perfect moon to release the past experiences that I have allowed to negatively impact me when it comes to taking risks and venturing into the unknown.

In many ways I’ve lost the beginners mind, the childlike curiosity about life, and have allowed recent experiences influence my present decisions around growing, expanding, and trying new things in fear of getting burned again.

This is the time to howl at the moon and celebrate the scars of previous risks taken, to shout the gratitude of the lessons learned, to dance and shake off the residual doubt and prickly feelings and rewrite the story of past experience.

How we frame our past experiences radically impacts our present moment. If we continue to frame past choices in negativity then we will continue to hold ourselves back from trying again, and trying differently. Negativity makes some gnarly tunnel vision. But if we take those choices and reframe them in a positive perspective, one where we see what great lessons we learned or how resilient we were, we are able to touch our courage and prepare for another leap of faith. This practice also helps us to integrate our shadow self that we chastise for being shameful, unwanted, unsuccessful, insert-negative-projection-in-here.

When we dance in the moonlight with our shadow self we hold hands with the parts of us we long rejected. We sing songs of communion and sisterhood to all the archetypes that we hold within: Priestess, False Prophet, Mystic, Thief, Mother, Abuser, Crone, Degenerate, Maiden, Prostitute, and so on. Bringing the shadows into the light to be seen, softened, heard, and healed.

Questions for contemplation on this moon:

  • Where do you feel tethered and tied to old stories that hold you back from expanding? What is the root fear?

  • What aspect of your shadow is asking to be seen in the loving light of the moon?

  • What stories need rewritten to celebrate the triumph of the experience instead of glorifying the suffering?

  • How would your life be different if you acted in alignment from this day forward on your hearts desires?

  • Where are you giving your power away instead of fortifying your own mission? Is it a person? The past or future? Your job? Something else?

  • Write out even ONE concise and clear intention for moving forward in courage from this Full Moon. One small step, one small action, one small change.

My intention is to welcome new opportunity with a child-like spirit of joy and curiosity.

If you feel compelled I invite you to share your intention in the comments below and help encourage others to step into their bravery too.