3 Simple Ways to Practice Ayurveda

Image by Danielle Macinnes

Image by Danielle Macinnes

Despite the growing awareness of Ayurveda it still has not quite hit mainstream- this I know as many people still give me a blank stare when I tell them what I do! This ancient science (5,000 years at least) has withstood the test of time but has had quite the journey of integrating into western culture. Perhaps you too, aren’t quite sure what is Ayurveda and how is it a lifestyle practice?

In 2016 there was something of 15+million practitioners of yoga while only around 240,000 people were reported practicing Ayurveda. That’s pretty incredible given they are Sister sciences!

Now, this also could be because many folks have self researched and began implementing what felt good to them from books. Some may not have even known that Ayurvedic healing and Ayurvedic living are even a thing.

Ayurveda was designed to be a way of living that assists a persons growing knowledge and awareness of their own bodies and minds as parts of the greater cosmos. It is inevitable that we will become ‘out of balance’ with our natural state as we live life- that is the nature of being human. But Ayurveda empowers us with the tools to witness when that imbalance is happening and how to course correct.

Allow me to be a wayshower for a moment of how to begin dipping your toe in the vast wisdom that is ‘The Science of Life’(Ayurveda’s English translation). Below I share my top 3 practices that any body will benefit from and awaken you to the potential of your vitality …

  1. Eat your largest meal at midday. Let’s take a moment and reprogram the idealistic vision of the large family dinner at the end of the day. Truthfully, many folks are eating at the end of a long and tiring work day and that meal leaves you feeling heavy and sleepy. This impacts your sleep and your ability to wake up energized the next day. So try moving that larger, nutrient rich meal, to the middle of your day for more sustainable energy and opt for a lighter dinner.

  2. Brush your body. Body brushing with a natural bristle brush does several wonders for your body. First it sloughs off dead skin, dirt, and toxins that can layer your largest organ throughout the day. Second it stimulates circulation which improves blood flow and getting fresh oxygenated blood to the farthest corners of your body. This leads to glowing complexion and a boost in energy. And thirdly is moves lymph which supports a strong immune system as toxins get moved to the digestive tract for elimination. You can read my full how-to here.

  3. Be in bed around 10pm. While you sleep your body does a deep inside scrub of your digestive tract and sweeps through to eliminate what it no longer needs. Your liver, kidneys, and gallbladder are all on board and your endocrine system works to reset. But if you are awake and working, eating, or negating your body’s need for rest this process gets interrupted. Not to mention the more sleep you get the healthier you are too. Work to get to bed as close to 10pm as possible each night and wake up at the same time each day for 14 days and see how your energy and digestion have shifted.

These are all simple but effective protocols that Ayurveda has been teaching for centuries- and we can still see how they apply to our modern day. Each of these practices realign us to our body’s innate wisdom and nature’s cycles which leads to longevity, vitality, and a sense of over all harmony within our minds and bodies.