March 2019: Taking it All in with Gratitude

Photo: Micheile Henderson

Photo: Micheile Henderson

Wow! My friends, it is the closing days of March and that means we are a quarter through the year! Is it hard to believe or do you feel like this chapter is finding its own kind of closure for you? I feel a mixture of both if I am perfectly honest. I took a few moments earlier this week to sit down and reflect on what the last three months has unfolded and truthfully? There were a lot more things on my list than I expected there to be. And BIG things.

For stepping into 2019 by unplugging, closing my business temporarily, and slowing my life’s pace down substantially there is still so much to be grateful for. The constant moving forward never stops, and even when we choose to slow down or dig in deeper it doesn’t mean that big things aren’t happening or won’t happen. This has been an incredibly important lesson for me to live through and realize.

In just the last three months …

  • i faced my fear of logging off social media and fasted from this form of technology for 75 days. So many people resonated with this journey, and I am still getting inquires and having conversations with folks who struggle with a healthy social media relationship. One task I had been putting off was publishing my archived posts about my time off social media onto the updated website but I am happy to say that I checked that task off the list this week! Check them out here. My habits, attitude, and perceptions of social media has forever changed for the better because I took this time I needed.

  • I started working at the Ayurveda Natural Health Center in my town where my own holistic healing journey and love affair with Ayurveda began over five years ago! Working under my practitioner has been such a joy and being back in a job that gets me consistently out of the house and is aligned with my highest good has been medicine for my soul and psyche.

  • I relaunched my business in tune with the Equinox and in clarity and trust of the divine path. Its been a wild ride over the last few years as I found, reclaimed, and integrated aspects of myself and its been a journey of coming full circle. It feels like home. In this moment I have never felt more grounded and trusting, a shift that happened subtly but profoundly. If you are a soul-prenuer and you still feel a little lost at sea- trust trust trust. Explore and transform shamelessly and keep your eye open for the common denominators. The guides are always showing us the way even if subtly.

  • March brought ‘The Simple Spring Cleanse’ workshop, my first class of the new year and though I felt a little rusty after many months away I also felt incredibly energized. I adore teaching and holding space for others to discover deeper layers of themselves. (Psssst you can get ‘The Simple Spring Cleanse Guidebook’ for free when you schedule your session by April 6!)

  • My Karma Yoga practice took a new turn as I stepped into the role as a Hospice Volunteer providing company and Reiki to patients and their loved ones. Working more closely with the final stages of life has been on my heart for a long while now and I am curious as to what lessons this new commitment will offer.

These are what feel like the milestones of the first quarter of the year and inbetween there are intertwined all sorts of smaller stories and details of change, love, and gratitude. I feel truly rich and abundant as I let all of these memories wash over me and help me flow into this next season of the year.

What has the first quarter of your year been like? What is filling your cup with gratitude?