Virgo Season: Expression over Perfectionism

Image by David Fanuel

Image by David Fanuel

I really love Virgo Season.

It can be a bit neurotic at times, sure, with its shadow traits of criticism, high standards, and people pleasing ways but the gifts of this season are plentiful (whether you are a Virgo or not). The energy of Virgo creates an ideal container for re-assessing and re-evaluating all aspects of our lives and challenges us not to settle. But for some, me included, this ideal of not settling can easily become the slippery slope of perfectionism and striving to achieve some standard (usually made up my society or our own minds) that leaves us drained and frustrated.

So this year, I am committing my Virgo season experience to expression over perfectionism - and that has me all sorts of excited!

Where are you striving for ‘perfect’ in your life?

This question landed on my heart one afternoon as I was scrolling the ‘gram. Probably too many moments of comparison had already arisen and thankfully my Higher Self stepped in with this question to curb the onslaught if self criticism that was bubbling up.

My ego’s response was probably something along the lines of ‘there is nothing wrong with wanting to show up as your best self’ … which, I call BS on myself. I am an achiever by nature and have had my fair share of meltdowns over my attempts at showing up flawless in life.

No, there isn’t anything wrong with showing up as your best self, but, when you start to create masks and burn yourself out trying to achieve a version of your ‘best self’ there is perfectionism at play.

I observed it popped up in different ways for me- my desire for a perfect social media feed, the perfect images and words, perfectly curated wardrobe, the perfectly organized planner and calendar of events.

All pretty superficial things. And they were killing my creativity.

Because truth is, my best self is sometimes a bit messy. She isn’t perfectly curated. She likes a myriad of things and they don’t always ‘go together’. She pulls inspiration from all over and yet this mask version of her wanted to filter out what didn’t seem to quite go. Parts of her authentic self were being left unexpressed in the desire to be a certain way.

And to that, I say no more- because I desire a life of full expression and creativity!

Your Instincts are the Path to Pure Creativity

Of course it is super easy to declare what you want and it is another to fully embody it. I was a bit at a loss of what to do about some of my perfectionist tendencies and how to loosen my grip on the patterns I had created within myself. So I decided the easiest thing to do would be to follow my instincts in each moment.

Whenever I get a ‘ping’ to share something, do something, or go somewhere, I am following it. Immediately. No waiting, because that gives me time to talk myself out of it!

I find my gut rarely leads me wrong, and if I feel uncomfortable about it afterward it is usually a vulnerability hangover, not regret that I actually did it. This kind of space is ripe for creative growth!

‘Pings’ also tend to lead down roads we may never have taken otherwise. And even if the initial inspiration fades and the landscape changes of where we are heading , we can thank that moment of following our inspirations lead for getting us where we are. Even if it is a place to learn a lesson or new skill from.

So perhaps ask yourself …

  • Where am I holding on too tightly in life that wants more creativity?

  • What downloads or ‘pings’ have a I received lately that I am ignoring?

  • Is there an aspect of myself that I wish I shared more that I don’t? What would it feel like to share from that aspect even if just sometimes? What is my hesitancy to show that side of myself?

  • What is one thing I can do today, this week, this month that allows me the total freedom to be creative the way that feels good to me?

  • If you don’t feel like a creative: trust me, you are creative in some way, so explore how you express creativity. It may not be traditional art but it may be problem solving, arranging flowers or objects (like home decor), it may be writing or making up games for your little ones.

So friend, how will you use Virgo season to help witness where you can embrace more individuality, expression, and aligned action? If you care to share I welcome you to comment below and keep the conversation going!