Holy Mundane No.1


The shade of gold of the winter sun mid morning as it plays across the altar.

The smell of the soil on an unusually warm day in December.

The overwhelming sense of peace while cozied on the couch, book in hand, beloved nearby, and pup cuddled close, barely wanting to breathe so not to break the serenity.

A hot shower after running around in the rain. So hot my skin turns pink and every muscle relaxes.

The smell of soup cooking as the sun fades below the horizon.

The feeling of the stiff paper in a new sketchbook- ready to be worn and filled.

Witnessing natures majesty through Her wind, the graceful deer, and the soaring hawk.

The embrace of a friend.

What would make it on your Holy Mundane list?

The Holy Mundane are the moments where peace pervades, the present moment is palpable, and joy effortlessly bubbles up from your soul space. If these moments seem far and few between, it is a exercise that can be mindfully practiced- and over time? The Holy Mundane becomes a part of the everyday. As Source is present in all things, the Holiness can be recognized in all things too.