The Spark


Today was truly amazing.

Why was it amazing you ask?

Because I got the spark of divine inspiration back!


Oh it has felt so long. It has been months since I felt that little niggle. The desire to create something. To teach something. To dive back into my studies. Today it just felt like something shifted. A portal opened back up in my body and suddenly I had the rush of ideas and excitement!

I am feeling so blessed today. It has been a long dark winter my friends. I had days I acted like a petulant child towards my Guides and Guardians. I fought until I was too tired to fight and then I allowed the rest to come over me and I sunk into that liminal space where all you can do is be present to the task at hand. There was no dreaming or inventing to be had, the desire to be creative or share through teaching and useful content was non-existent. I truly had made peace with the idea that it might never come back.

And today, it was just a niggle. The first rays of the sun at dawn. I took a deep breathe when I felt this warmth and it made my whole body relax. And you want to know what is the most magical bit? I didn’t even feel the need to act on it. (insert shocked face emoji)

That is right, my friend. I just let that spark be watched. Oh the feelings of change. Change that is being allowed, and not resisted, this is the where some of the greatest magic can happen.

Perhaps I am just coming out of my winter, or maybe its this eclipse season. Whatever it is, my heart is full and grateful and I am ready and waiting to see what magic unfolds!