Holy Mundane No. 2

The first sip of coffee in the morning

Watching the cardinals, bluebirds, and woodpeckers play in the tree outside my window- one of the best contemplative practices ever

Walking in the snow with beautiful friends, seeing them each illuminated by Mother Natures purity

The smell of drying eucalyptus

The mindful practice of making candles, mixing oils, and stirring elixirs

The sound of rain as I fall asleep

Chanting Mantra

Feeling empowered after a hard workout when the whole body is awake

Cooking- cutting, chopping, stirring, and serving with presence

Arranging cheerful flowers in a pretty vase on a cold and gray day

The moment of realization that you transcended an old story that no longer serves you

The Holy Mundane are the moments where peace pervades, the present moment is palpable, and joy effortlessly bubbles up from your soul space. If these moments seem far and few between, it is an exercise that can be mindfully practiced- and over time? The Holy Mundane becomes a part of the everyday. As Source is present in all things, the Holiness can be recognized in all things too.