The Ritual to End All Rituals

Over Christmas break I dove into ‘The Valkyries’ by Paulo Coelho (of the Alchemist fame) and let me just say that one, I am mildly obsessed with all of his works, the man is a genius who speaks straight to my soul. Two, I always read the book that contains the message i need most at just the right time and this was definitely one of those times.

At one point in the story Paulo (also the main character in this piece) must perform the Ritual to End All Rituals. Now, it means something a bit different in the book as a dying of an old self, but it really got my gears going about the importance of the rituals we do, the seasons in which we do them, and then also the importance of putting those rituals to bed.

Photo: Zoltan Tasi

Photo: Zoltan Tasi

I see it as being like working with a crystal for a long time and perhaps the crystal breaks or you no longer have the same deep connection with it. You know that the work that needed to be done is done and now the crystal needs to move on. I think it is pretty similar with some of our other ritual practices. And when we release the ritual we are also releasing the energy of the work that had been the purpose of that ritual. Allowing that chapter to fully close.

As this total Lunar eclipse moves closer I feel more compelled to perform my own ritual to end all rituals. One that will change my practices radically and shake up my spiritual growth. Once the ritual to end all rituals are performed you are not meant to do the same rituals again (I would say at least for the time being, but you are the creatrix so you do you!). Lunar eclipses are naturally the ideal time to invite change and initiate a new ritual- or at least intuit what your new rituals may be. This particular Lunar eclipse is nourishing in nature and craves deep wisdom and trust in your own inner resource. These are perfect themes for inspiring a new practice, don’t you think?

Over the coming days I will be listening intently for messages from spirit and watching for any tools that may present themselves that want to be used. From there I will thank the practices that have served me in the last chapter of my learning and study and greet the new with great anticipation! I have grown so much over the last year that I feel ready to graduate in a way towards these new acts of devotion. To move towards trusting myself as the intuitive from within instead of from outside, to dive deeply into the next layers of teachings, to find the power in simplicity instead of complexity. I think we sometimes get caught up in how magical we can make our rituals, altars, and bookshelves look with all the things but doesn’t it feel like we are being asked to strip it back down?

The Earth, the sky, and me… ooo i’m getting goosies!

However you decide to honor this Lunar Eclipse I wish you all the blessings! Blessings of comfort in the release, blessings of joy in the new found spaciousness, blessings of abundance in growth, wisdom, and health. How blessed we are to be alive in this moment of time and space.