A Sunday to Remember

This was a Sunday to remember.

Not for any special reason.

Truly just for the simplicity of it all.

Photo: Nate Christopher

Photo: Nate Christopher

It was a Sunday with the perfect weather that called for a long walk in the January sunshine.

It was the kind of Sunday where cleaning out closets felt like self care.

It was a Sunday where the husband generously helped the neighbors move, and while they shared a beer after a job well done I cooked up a hearty soup to nourish the body. Generous acts will warm the heart and soul no matter the temperature outside.

It was the perfect Sunday evening of a slow sunset, toasting a weekend of peaceful moments, and cuddling up on the couch.

It was the serene ending of the weekend, this Sunday evening, with a small ritual to honor the New Moon and set forth intentionally on the new week. And a night where the head fell heavily on the pillow and sleep came easily.

Presence is teaching me that these types of days, the unassuming ones, are the ones that spark the most joy. These days put me in my flow. They allow the mind and body to be at ease. It allowed me to align with the Moon phase naturally and make the most of the energies at large in the atmosphere. I am just so grateful for days like today.

That New Moon Capricorn

It is the New Moon, paired with her solar partner experiencing an eclipse. I rather appreciate the sign of Capricorn- my natal chart is ruled by Saturn and he also rules Capricorn so I feel right at home in this earthiness. I have noticed over the last few days that my thoughts have naturally been floating towards ideas and goals that involve discipline, devotion, and dedication. All things that Saturn loves. This year I chose the word ‘presence’ and I do believe that a large part of presence is discipline, at least in the beginning. I am consistently having to bring myself back into the present moment, to connect with what is happening right around me, and check where my thoughts have been going (lately, towards the future). It is under this moon that I am symbolically dedicating my year to presence and offering my intentions in ritual to seal my commitment. It is these moments of heightened sacredness where I can feel integration happening- it is one thing to say you want to do something, it is another to offer it up to the Divine and ask for co-creation and guidance.

I haven’t really allowed myself to set any expectations for this coming year and I have been hesitant to set any goals. It hasn’t felt right to demand anything of the future that very easily could change. But I do know what essence I desire this year. It is one of my self ownership which involves some holy selfishness. The kind of selfishness that allows you to focus on your own lane. I easily get enmeshed in other peoples journeys and get side tracked from what it is I want to achieve. It is a karma I have carried for lifetimes and I know it is asking to be made right in this one. It will take discipline and devotion to myself and my own vision. I also know that I want to paint a vivid vision in the coming months. I haven’t fully allowed myself to sink into a vision for a long time, afraid of all the what ifs. All of these desires are perfect for this moon. I can feel Papa Saturn and his Karmic lessons gently and firmly guiding me to make these commitments that won’t always be easy for me to stick to.

So tonight I will be offering my prayers up to Saturn, Divine Mother, and sending word to my guides that it is time to roll up our sleeves. I am in it for 2019 to build a rock solid foundation like none other I have ever allowed myself to have before. I never thought I was worthy or capable up setting up that kind of a foundation. But I do now. I believe I am worthy of a million Sundays to Remember. Simple ones, un-hurried and and un-worried.

If I could offer you a sage piece of Capricorn/Saturn new moon wisdom, it is the words of Aristotle that ‘in discipline there is freedom’. Wherever we feel like life is besting us, or we haven’t allowed ourselves to show up fully, this is where our work lies under this moon cycle- and honestly? For the year. Themes that are coming up for you under this first new moon and eclipse of the year are ones of great significance. I hope you heed them.