Reinventing with Aquarius Energy

I had every intention of writing a post for the New Moon in Aquarius but something kept telling me to wait and see what unfolded as the lunar cycle evolved. After years of studying, reflecting, and tracking the lunar cycles and their impacts on my life I am noticing a gentle shift now to the grander six week solar cycle of the zodiac seasons themselves. Perhaps this is the natural evolution as I have integrated and now live the lunar cycles naturally and fluidly- and as always I am sure it is my natural tendency to desire learning something new. And in the spirit of self mastery this feels right on time to continue learning how the heavens influence the ebbs & flows of life!


So the New Moon post didn’t happen and that is OK- because over the last week I have really sunk into the amazing vibes that Aquarius season brings to our lives! We all have the 12 zodiac in our natal chart somewhere and even if it isn’t a dominant influence we all get the benefits of their qualities when the sun is traversing that segment of the sky.

The solar cycle is our opportunity to explore the 12 aspects of our lives …

And for me, the sign of Aquarius is the ideal aspect to explore our own genius. We are all capable of unlocking greatness, innovation, and yes, even genius from within our DNA in both small and large ways. Aquarius is represented by the water bearer, but that water isn’t your basic H2O. That water is pure consciousness that flows into the body vessel from the Cosmic Source of all consciousness (whether for you that is God, Goddess, Spirit, or simply creative Consciousness itself). Think of Einstein, he experienced the flow of this water pouring into and working through him and always exuded honesty and humility enough to give credit to the greater forces for the work that he was able to bring to the 3D world. Pretty amazing yes? (Fun fact: Einsteins North Node, his drive for this lifetime, was in Aquarius)

But Aquarius isn’t just about awakening your inner genius. It is about breaking barriers, thinking outside the structures, harmonizing the past with the future, and all for the purpose of helping others and moving humanity along on its evolutionary trajectory! Ah I just love Aquarius!

It could be said that the overarching theme of Aquarius is ‘how can I step into the highest frequency of myself in order to help the collective.’

I hope this doesn’t immediately strike you as daunting- my hope is that it sparks the flame of inspiration to begin reinventing yourself in alignment with your highest frequency. To allow the cosmic waters to pour into and work through you. That is precisely the inner work I have been doing this week and with each day that goes by I have gotten more excited and enthusiastic about the limitless possibilities of my own genius- and this is possible for you too!

How you might work with the Aquarian energies? Take some time out to contemplate these Aquarian themes:

  • How do I play small and hide my uniqueness? What ways do I try to conform that actually don’t serve me? How is my uniqueness actually my super power? What do I fear by showing how unique and brilliant I really am?

  • What rules, guidelines, or structures do I allow to confine potential for change or growth? This can be in your personal life, in the work place, or other organizations you participate within. How do you see working outside of and challenging the boundaries of these structures as an opportunity to exponentially change and become better?

  • What humanitarian causes break my heart, make me angry, or make me passionate? How can I begin today taking small steps toward healing these collective wounds?

  • How do I imagine myself being in service to others in this lifetime? Am I aligned with that desire of service right now, and if not, what is my next step to fulfill this innate desire?

  • What thoughts and beliefs need reprogramming within me that keep me limited in all aspects of my life? Write the new thoughts and beliefs in expansive language and begin to allow your limiting samskaras (deeply entrenched thought patterns) to begin their rewire.

How will you reinvent yourself, even if just the beginning steps, while the heavens support you energetically? I have found that it absolutely takes courage to admit to examine where we have hid our brilliance and capped off the flow of inner genius. It takes bravery in a world that preaches conformity to break out of the mold and fulfill your own destiny. Whether that is parenting the way you truly desire, creating something unconventional, building an empire around a fringe concept, or even implementing boundaries that honor your mission in this lifetime. All of these things (and the million of other possibilities) create ripples of higher frequency out into the collective. But it begins with you.

So, my dear friend, how do you dare to dream of your own reinvention?