Imbolc: Midway to Spring

Imbolc Blessings my friends!

I truly love living where we experience each seasonal expression of Mother Nature and this week we experienced this slight turn of the years wheel in palpable ways. Here in the midwest our week was snow coated and sub zero with the polar vortex blowing through. And then, right on time, as the eve of Imbolc arrived the freezing temps started to warm up and the snow began to melt. It is moments like these that I am in awe of our ancestors and their connection to Mother Earth, how her ebbs & flows have been steady despite the changes we have brought on her.

Photo: Ales Krivec

Photo: Ales Krivec

Imbolc is the mid point between the Winter Solstice and Spring Equinox. In Celtic culture the triple goddess of Brigid was celebrated in her Mother form as the earths milk began to flow again. Livestock would be preparing to birth new calves, early spring seeds would be sown, and tools would be sharpened and prepared to get back to work after the dark days of deep winter. It is at Imbolc that the Yule log, that had been burning since the Solstice, would be snuffed out and new fire lit. I honored this myself by keeping our tree up since Christmas (with a pairing down of Christmas ornaments) and ceremoniously took it down today- it felt refreshing and significant as we enter into this new season.

There is a lot of energy transitioning in this moment, and perhaps you can feel it? Speaking to the northern hemisphere we are moving from the Air element of Vata to the Earth and water element of Kapha in Ayurveda. This transition perfectly expressed itself outside my window this week as the biting cold winds slowed down, and the snow turned to rain. A gentle warmth is returning, even if slightly. This dance between Air and Earth will happen until the Equinox when the Earth Element will take over being dominant. Isn’t it amazing the timing and synchronization of these transitions?

Venus is also transitioning into Capricorn which is water (venus) co-creating with earth (capricorn)- it is an exceptionally nourishing combination with the sustaining water and sweet earth grounding us into the flow of life energy. The six week period of Imbolc is the precious time when you begin to feel ripe with potential, gather your resources, and prepare yourself for the possibility on the horizon. Honoring the Mother avatar of Brigid this is the final stages of a pregnancy as a Mother awaits the birth of her babe. What will you birth in time with nature this year? What seeds are you planting, nurturing, and tending to?

There is no rush in this season as the fire element is low and the wind isn’t sweeping us off our feet. The energy is that of listening, acting with intention, and building a strong foundation for the coming months. Are you feeling anxious to get moving and to get moving? Or are you feeling confident in natures timing that this is the opportunity to ground in and get clear?

Imbolc Reflections

If you would like to mark Imbolc, this joyful marker of the sun returning, with reflection and seed planting these are a few journal prompts that I will be using. As the wheel of the year continues to turn it is this point of the cycle I love to look back on and see where it all began …

  • Current themes in my life in career, relationships, home, and plans that are in motion. I find it helpful to create a small snapshot of what is currently going on in my life at these points of the year because how quickly we forget! For example jotting down things such as ‘getting settled into my new job and feeling x,y,z, about it. Dreaming a lot about travel and wanting to nest around the house. Feeling really connected to my friends and leaning into the beauty of sisterhood’.

  • What seeds are you planting? What are your hopes for those seeds? One seed I am planting is the Seed of Teaching- I am nurturing this seed to grow into classes for the spring and explore ways to reach more people and expand the topics on which I share. I am also planting the Seed of Mastery- I am committing to honing my skills over the coming year in specific ways. So these seeds can be emotional, healing, action items, or qualities.

  • What needs done to nurture your seeds? Do you need action steps? Or perhaps more time to sit in contemplation. Maybe you need to gather some resources and prepare your tools.

  • What has the winter season you taught you about yourself? How will you carry this into the new season?

  • What are you grateful right now?

I am wishing you all a joyful Imbolc, one that brings with it clarity, enthusiasm, and gratitude for the opportunity watch a new cycle dawn. May you sink in and enjoy the delicious earthiness!