Winter Whimsy

The hardest part to Christmas having come and gone and the New Year festivities replaced by being back in reality of work and responsibility is the cheerfulness of Winter seems to go with it.

I really wanted to remedy this since in the past we would spend part of January 1st taking down our tree and putting cheerful decorations away until next December. So I decided the creative thing to do was simplify the tree down to a few winter-y ornaments and garland and will be keeping it up until Imbolc- the midway point between winter solstice and the spring equinox. Winter is hard enough with the dark and the cold, why not keep the cinnamon pinecones and woodland creature decor out for an extra month, right?!


I also totally get why our ancestors brought in pine boughs with holly and mistletoe- it wasn’t just for a holidays sake, it makes the indoors cozy and brings you closer to nature when we typically are tucked up indoors against the cold. With extra candles, soft glow LED lights, and stacks of blankets I will be keeping the whimsy of winter going for as long as I can and see a tradition in the making unfolding before me.