Janae Christopher
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 Work with Janae

  • Host an Ayurvedic workshop at your Yoga Studio or Wellness Center

  • Build Ayurveda education into your Yoga Teacher Training Program

  • Support employees through a corporate Ayurveda Wellness class

  • Offer mini Reiki sessions for employees

  • Co-create a Mindful Meal cooking class in your home for yourself, friends and family


 Yoga & Wellness

Janae Christopher is a 200hr RYT and certified Ayurveda Yoga Specialist. She has partnered with yoga studios and wellness centers throughout southwest Ohio. Offer your community the opportunity to learn and experience Ayurveda with classes on

  • Introduction to Ayurveda: understanding Ayurvedic principles and how to live in alignment with nature.

  • Spiritual Healing: Ayurvedic teachings for seeking inner truth, more peaceful living and harmony with nature.

  • Eating like a Yogi: healthy digestion as the foundation of good health and vibrant well-being.

  • Living Ayurveda: embracing the Ayurvedic clock, daily ritual, and practices for living well.


Corporate Wellness

Support your employees in the corporate environment by offering educational classes on Ayurvedic principles that promote a deeper sense of well-being, reduces stress, encourage positive mindset and can increase workplace productivity. These classes and mini-sessions can be offered during work hours in as little as 45 minutes to accomadate your business’ work flow.

  • Ayurvedic practices that support balanced energy levels, mental focus, and general health - we all want less sick days!

  • Breathwork & movement classes for mental clarity, stress reduction, and increased energy

  • Mini Ayurveda Lifestyle Coaching sessions for individual wellness support

  • Mini Reiki Sessions, 15 minutes in length, for individual employees. Reiki is a hands on energy healing modality that supports the recipient in self-healing and balancing mind and body.

  • Implement and encourage workplace wellness initiatives to promote interpersonal relations among employees and build a wellness culture within the workplace.


Mindful Meals

Coming Summer 2019

This is a unique opportunity to experience home Ayurvedic cooking while learning new skills for preparing a dosha balancing meal, table ritual, and enjoy deep nourishment for mind, body and soul. Whether with family or a small group of friends, joyfully expand your Ayurvedic wisdom into the kitchen.