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The Simple Spring Cleanse

Hit reset for the new season and revitalize your body & mind! In the practice of Ayurveda, cleansing is an integral element to maintaining good digestion, healthy tissue, balanced mind, and over all radiance and vitality. The Simple Spring Cleanse is a modern and accessible approach to experiencing the healing benefits of Ayurveda’s Traditional Spring Cleanse that will guide your body, mind, & spirit through the transition from Winter to Spring.

Who benefits from the Simple Spring Cleanse? If you are experiencing:

  • Lethargy or sluggishness

  • Digestion challenges of any kind

  • Difficulty with sleep or not feeling rested

  • Cravings for sweet, salty, spicy, or caffeinated items

  • Brain fog, lack of focus, or scattered thinking

  • A level of health that you feel could be more radiant

But are ready to experience:

  • Elevated energy levels

  • Stronger digestion

  • Better mental clarity

  • Alignment with nature’s cycles

  • Integrating short cleanses for over all health and well-being

The Simple Spring Cleanse will guide you through a three day preparatory phase, three days of cleansing with a Kitchari mono-diet protocol, and three days of reintegrating into your daily routine with practices you can continue using as part of an established wellness routine. Each student will go home with a deeper understanding of Ayurvedic principles of cleansing & seasonal transitions, The Simple Spring Cleanse Guidebook, and the option of a Kitchari Kit*.

Later Event: May 18
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