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Simple Ayurveda for Living Well : A Four Week Online Course

I invite you to explore the holistic science & wisdom of Ayurveda through this four week course of Simple Ayurveda for Living Well. Over our 4 weeks together I will guide you through the foundational principles and philosophies of the worlds oldest healing system and teach you how to implement its practices in your everyday life.

Ayurveda is above all a preventative modality- one that supports us in finding a level of health that leads to longevity. It is also cyclical and nature-centric, with emphasis on our individual role in nature and how we are interconnected with the world around us.

This course is the perfect place for you if …

  • you are curious to understand Ayurveda more deeply & personally

  • you are seeking a roadmap to better health and longevity that is both structured and flexible

  • you have current discomforts in your life you wish to heal (anything from digestive issues to emotional wellness)

  • you are desiring knowledge of practices that help you stay well, promote a long and healthy life, and give you the wisdom to be your own best healer

So what will be exploring in our time together?

Week One | Laying the Foundation

  • The Ayurvedic Perspective on health, healing, and longevity

  • Understanding the 5 Elements, the 3 Doshas, and how they blend to make your unique human experience

  • The qualities and characteristics of the three doshas and how to identify them within yourself, others, and the world around you.

Week Two | Cyclical Living

  • In-depth introduction to natures cycles through the Ayurvedic wheels of daily life, seasonal living, and life span

  • The gifts and challenges of each day, season, and chapter in our lives through the perspective of the doshas and their qualities

  • How to identify imbalances in each phase of life and how to introduce practices to bring you back into harmony

Week Three | Dinacharya: The Daily Ritual

  • The heart of Ayurvedic living is cultivating the art of Dinacharya, or daily ritual.

  • How daily self care can be simple yet have lasting impact on vitality over the long term

  • How to adjust and maximize your dinacharya for any season of life- whether its busy or hectic, helping recover from illness, or keeping your body in its balanced state

  • Creating your own dinacharya plan with dozens of additional ideas you can carry into the future

Week Four | Ritucharya

  • Ritucharya is your seasonal ritual and the unlocking of the healthful gifts that come with living aligned with the seasons

  • Learn about Ayurvedic Cleansing & Rejuvenative practices and when to implement them

  • Understand how your unique constitution will interconnect with the seasons and how your unique seasonal plan can keep you healthy no matter the time of year

  • Closing Q & A

You will also receive …

  • A workbook for each module to keep your thoughts and plans organized

  • Weekly Homeplay to keep you engaged in your learning between classes

  • The option to schedule a private 1:1 with me within 30 days of the course at a reduced rate. This could be your opportunity to fine tune your wellness plans, receive more clarity on your doshic constitution, or consult through ongoing imbalances you may be experiencing.


We will meet on Tuesdays August 6, 13, 20 & 27 at 7:30pm EST via Zoom (Link will be sent to participants prior to first class)

Your investment: $108

Questions? You are welcome to email Janae at

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