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Ayurveda & The Six Tastes

I am beyond thrilled to be offering this workshop that expands on one of my favorite topics in Ayurveda: FOOD!

Join me for this talk & in-depth learning opportunity on Ayurveda & the Six Tastes that explores how food can truly become an ally and a medicine in your daily life. Your pantry and spice cabinet can be your holistic apothecary for health and vitality without breaking the bank or over complicating your meal planning, and I will show you how.

In this class we will cover . . .

  • The 6 Tastes and their elemental make-up

  • How to use food to balance the body and improve digestion

  • The energetics of food and how they impact our emotional and mental wellness

  • The healing benefits of eating seasonally and in rhythm with the Sun

  • Tips for better digestion and satiation that have been in use for 5,000 years

  • Caring for your Temple Gate (aka your mouth!) through Ayurvedic self care practices for better taste, digestion, and over-all health

No previous knowledge of Ayurveda necessary to glean loads of helpful information from this class.

Class includes . . .

  • Printouts to be used as resources as you explore your kitchen and food through

  • A tasting of three Ayurvedic kitchen staples that promote health and vitality

Your investment: $44