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Sustainable Self Care

In sanskrit the word dinacharya means daily ritual, or daily routine. Dinacharya is the cornerstone of well-being and disease prevention as we tune in with ourselves and nurture our needs. Enjoy the free printable ‘Dinacharya Check List’ that contains ideas of self care practices and then use the free ‘Dinacharya Tracker’ to help build better habits!

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Plan to Succeed

Meal planning is a huge part of a successful Ayurvedic lifestyle. As we learn to eat with the seasons, eat to our dosha, and nourish our bodies in a holistic way we need all the tools we can get to support us! Enjoy this free meal planner that gives you space to plan meals, remember your supplements & herbs and keep on track of your meals so you never miss a beat.

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The Ayurvedic Food List

Dr. Vasant Lad is the leading Ayurvedic doctor, educator, and champion of Ayurveda in the west. His complete food list is hands down the best for quick referencing what foods are right for your mind/body type. Download this free printable and keep it near your meal planner and cookbooks to make adjustments that support your unique constitution and needs!

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The Moon Guide

This eBooklet provides a simple way for you to connect with the Moon & Her energies as we progress each month through Her phases. Within you will find …

  • Descriptions of her 4 phases

  • How to work with these Energies

  • Journal prompts

  • Sacred Ceremony tools


Additional Resources

Learn about Ayurvedic food combining and best practices for a peaceful meal that is easy for the mind and body to digest with the Food Combining & Sadhana Guide

Are you working toward building more spiritual practices into your daily life? The Sadhana 40 Day Tracker helps you to be accountable to your self growth practices. Whether you are implementing meditation, breathwork, devotion or any other spiritual practice you can think of, this tracker will help you build your better habit.