Janae Christopher
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Be in Rhythm

Ayurveda provides a vast landscape for you to begin progressing toward rooted health that allows you to flourish. Though many come to Ayurveda as a means to heal from chronic or re-occuring dis-ease and imbalances, the heart of the teachings is prevention.

Ayurveda provides countless practices, tools and wisdom that will meet you where you are right now.

This science is designed for the everyday individual. You will find it is often cost effective and uncomplicated.

Ayurveda takes its cues from Nature. The more aligned you become with the seasons, the solar cycles, and your own unique rhythms the healthier, more vibrant, and vital you become!


An Ayurveda Lifestyle Promotes:

  • Optimal Energy Levels

  • Mental Clarity & Focus

  • Hormone Balancing

  • Healthy Digestion with Fewer Discomforts and Better Nutrient Absorption

  • Glowing, Radiant Skin

  • Natural Detoxification

  • Peace of Mind & Stronger Coping Mechanisms

  • Stronger Immune System

  • Weight Management

  • Preventative Wellness

  • Positive & Empowered Mindset

  • Self Knowledge for Aligned Self Growth


What is it like working together?

Whether 1:1, in a local class, or an online course it is always my goal to provide you with practical, applicable, and ease-fully doable Ayurvedic wisdom for the everyday. Here is a sampling of what I weave into all of my co-creations with students & clients …

  • Education on Ayurvedic Principles

  • Understanding of Mind/Body Types

  • Practical applications that fit ease-fully into your everyday

  • Yogic/Tantric Philosophy

  • Energy work

  • Positive Habit and Mindset Programming

  • Breathwork (Breathing techniques to support the body/mind connection)

  • Simple lifestyle recommendations that align you with natures rhythm

  • Co-creation of an inspiring wellness protocol

  • Support and encouragement to begin living Ayurveda and stepping into your full vibrancy!


Seasonal Support

Experience modernized versions of traditional Ayurveda cleanses and rejuvenations to align with the seasons . . .

Autumn Rejuvenation

Designed to fortify the body, renew the tissues, and increase immunity as we move into the colder months of the year. Learn the ways to increase your vitality through this week-long program.

Spring Revival

A modern take on the traditional Ayurvedic cleanse. Be guided through the process of a safe & healthy cleanse and receive support as you follow the week-long protocol.

See Events for upcoming seasonal support >>


Awaken your inner healer through local & online classes, events, and courses


What Clients are Saying


Create & Flow

During my session with Janae she tied together things I had been struggling with for years and how to have a strong foundation, so I could be creative and flow within structure.

Practical Magic

I was amazed how practical her teaching was in all aspects of my life from calming down in traffic, staying focused in meetings, being present with my family, and to listening to my own wisdom.



Find Balance

I am forever grateful for Janae, her wealth of knowledge and beautiful plans she offers to support us all to be our perfect balanced selves.


Janae is a true gift. Working with her was one of my most amazing experiences. She takes the time to understand where you are in your journey and meets you there. She truly listens. She is a gifted teacher and I’ve learned so much from her. Janae has helped me become a more authentic version of myself and has helped me stand in my truth. I’m extremely grateful to have been able to work with Janae!


With Love

Janae is a wonderful and knowledgeable instructor with a loving spirit.


Working with Janae was transformative for me and my life! I have always been a believer that mind follows body as much as body follows mind, but never have I had more clear and direct proof than working with Janae on the specific issues I was facing.

Honor Tradition

Janae is deeply rooted in tradition that dates back thousands of years while being fully present to the modern needs of today.


Pull Back Layers

Working with Janae has been such a blessing. She held space so beautifully for me to unpeel some of the layers that have been holding me stuck when it comes to acceptance around my body and my well-being.

Clarity & Focus

I have worked with Janae on many things and every time she helps to bring clarity, focus, and clear direction so I can show up in the world how I want and need to!